Poppin' Expansion and Poppin' Growth is What Pop Watches is Expecting for 2012

Pop Watches is leaving the mall and opening its first store location in the Doral area. While expanding its business and product, moving to a store will give Pop Watches enough space to create a shopping atmosphere that Pop Watches customers will love. The store will give Pop Watch fans a chance to leisurely POP in and shop.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) January 02, 2012 - Pop Watches, LLC. (Pop Watch), is opening a store location at the beginning of the New Year and they cannot wait to tell you about it. Since the opening at Miami International Mall just two months ago, Pop Watches, has outgrown the mall and is opening their very own store near two mega-malls in Miami; Dolphin Mall and Miami International Mall. The store location is set to open in January in the Doral area. The store will give all Pop Watches fans a chance to leisurely POP in and shop our slap watches.

Pop Watches is making a name for itself with the sales of silicone slap watches that can be interchanged with different colors. Pop Watches first collection boasts 12 different colored slap watches that satisfies everyones taste. Not only is the watch and it's first collection attractive, but the prices seem to be closing the deal for Pop Watch fans. Priced at $19.95 for the watch and bands separately for $4.95, it's hard for customers to only purchase one of these Pop Watches.

"As a start-up business, it's impressive to see our brand take off the way it has," says Ramsy Sarraff, Pop Watches co-partner. "Having a location allows us to interact with our customers. Our colorful slap watches draw customers in, when they demo our product they get excited and when they hear the price, customers are sold. We love to see customers, of all ages, test out the watches and fall in love with the concept of the slap watch and interchangeable bands. Adults especially love it since they remember when slap bracelets were the trend."

Their success during the holiday season has made the choice to move to a store location an easy one. Moving to the Doral area is an ideal spot since it is near the Dolphin Mall and Miami International Mall. Shoppers can POP by the new store location just as quickly and easily as when they would visit the kiosk location. Except now they have the opportunity to see more product, more colors, and demo our slap watches much easier. Pop Watch is coming out with as little as two new collections in the next few months which will outgrow a kiosk location.

"We want to expand the interactive shopping experience for Pop Watch customers as our product range expands. We have a creative product that will grow and evolve into different lines that need space. Moving out of the mall and into a store allows us to create an atmosphere that reflects the true personality of Pop Watches," say Anthony Varona, Pop Watches co-partner. "We might revisit the malls later on, but for right now we really want our customers to get a full experience when it comes to Pop Watches and the only way to control the fun, color, and personality of our product is to give it the space to do that. Our 2012 motto is going to be poppin' expansion and poppin' growth."

About Pop Watches, LLC. - Pop Watches is a company that produces silicone slap watches that come in several colored bands separate from the watch itself. By creating a movement that is interchangeable with the colorful slap-band, customers of Pop Watches can purchase multiple bands without having to buy a new watch for every color. Pop Watches' vision is to create a watch that reflects the personality, attitude and lifestyle of kids, teenagers and adults. For more information on Pop Watches visit: online -, Facebook - search /PopWatches or Twitter - @PopWatches.

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