Pop Watches, LLC. Announces Spokesperson: The Registered Badass

Pop Watches announces their new spokesperson, Registered Badass, for the company's slap band watch line. Registered Badass, as he is called, is collaborating with Pop Watches to spread the word on the new trend that is so 'badass'.

Miami, FL October 10, 2011 - Pop Watches, LLC. (Pop Watches) is thrilled to announce that the Registered Badass is now the spokesperson for the company's brand. Who is the Registered Badass? The Registered Badass is a young buck who resembles the ultimate 'badass-ness' that every person dreams to be. Pop Watches and the Registered Badass are working together to spread the word about their product, which are watches that are interchangeable with different colored silicone slap bands.

"When I wear things, it is to show how badass I am," says Registered Badass. "I outfit myself with things that reflect a badass attitude. Naturally, when I saw Pop Watches, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. The fact that I can get 12 different colored bands with one watch was a concept that really attracted me. If I feel spicy or vibrant, I will switch the band to red. If I am feeling cool and relaxed, I will just switch it to gray. These watches are badass!"

The Registered Badass is a badass of his own right and lives a life that embodies the one that Pop Watches and its consumers hope to achieve. You can meet and get to know him on a video that can be found on Pop Watches website, In this video, Registered Badass demonstrates how he benefited from wearing a Pop Watch. The video provides information on how Pop Watch consumers can benefit from wearing the watch and tips on how a Pop Watch purchaser can become more like the Registered Badass.

"Pop Watches is very excited to have the Registered Badass on board and working with our team. Our goal is to help people of all ages catch the new craze and embrace the 'badass' in them," state the partners of Pop Watches. "We created a 'badass' fashionable watch and now we have the Registered Badass to be a spokesperson on how 'badass' this product really is."

The partnership between Pop Watches and the Registered Badass is one that comes from having the same vision for sharing the attitude of 'badass-ness' and how that attitude can be worn. The Registered Badass is already committed to four more videos which will be broadcasted on the Pop Watches website. He also has plans on making appearances in special events in South Florida to help spread the word and teach the ways of 'badass-ness'.

"Go ahead," challenges Registered Badass. "Pop one on and be a registered badass just like me."

About Pop Watches, LLC. - Pop Watches is a company that produces silicone slap watches that come in several colored bands separate from the watch itself. By creating a movement that is interchangeable with the colorful slap-band, customers of Pop Watches can purchase multiple bands without having to buy a new watch for every color. Pop Watches' vision is to create a cool watch for kids, teenagers and adults that reflect their personality and attitude. For more information on Pop Watches and to find out where Pop Watches are sold, please visit

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