Bringing a Pop of Color Into This Grey-Looking Economy

Miami, FL November 01, 2011 - Despite the economic recession, the owners of Pop Watches, Anthony Varona and Ramsy Sarraff, took a risk in starting up a business when they came up with an innovative idea for a fun slap watch. Pop Watches are silicone slap watches that come in several colored bands separate from the watch itself. This allows the watch to be interchanged with the bands, creating an accessorize-able timepiece that sells for less than $20. Confident that their product will be a success, Pop Watches' vision is to pop some color and fun back into the watch-making industry, or as they refer to it, Watch Land.

Though the risks in starting up a business seem far greater than ever, Varona and Sarraff sought out to fashion a cool watch which slaps-on but is also an accessory and fashion statement. By creating a movement that is interchangeable with the colorful slap-band, customers of Pop Watches can purchase multiple bands without having to buy a new watch for every color. This allows shoppers to get various uses out of their new silicone watch.

"We love that consumers wear what is an expression of their personality. Pop Watches has created a slap-watch that can be personalized by our diverse customers," says Varona, partner of Pop Watches. "Our product allows the buyer to make this watch an accessory that can change their style according to how they feel that very day."

Pop Watches has a few competitors but Varona and Sarraff are confident that their product manages to set itself apart. As fun as Pop Watches' vision is, the watch-component used for the slap-band is made more meticulously than its contenders. Sarraff is a Swiss-certified watchmaker who oversaw the manufacturing and design of the watch, which gives the company's product an edge that no others have.

"Pop Watches has personally designed a watch that is not only a part of a fun concept, but also does its job better," Sarraff, partner of Pop Watches and Swiss-certified watchmaker, states. "We have the credibility to say our watch, though clearly is not luxury, is the most functional and useful even when we have priced our product competitively."

Pop Watches' first collection sells for $19.95 and consists of 12 colors named after, and inspired by, a "Back to School" theme. Some of the most popular colors are Pink Eraser, Yellow Number #2, Green Apple, Whiteout and Black-board. Varona and Sarraff do not plan on stopping there; by the end of this year they will release two more collections that will please their Pop Watches fans.

With one last message from Pop Watches' owners, "we want you to Pop It!"

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