About Us

Pop Watches is a company that produces an innovative and fun slap watch. Our watches are water-resistant silicone slap watches that come in several colored bands separate from the watch itself. This allows our watch to be interchanged with the bands, creating an accessorize-able timepiece that sells for as little as $20.00

"We love that consumers wear what is an expression of their personality. Pop Watches has created a slap-watch that can be personalized by our diverse customers," state the owners of Pop Watches. "Our product allows the buyer to make this watch an accessory that can change their style according to how they feel that very day."

Pop Watches' first collection consists of 12 colors named after, and inspired by, a "Back to School" theme. Some of the most popular colors are Pink Eraser, Yellow Number #2, Green Apple, Grape Jelly and Black-board. Pop Watch fans have taken advantage of all the possible color combinations to personalize their outfits or lifestyles. The owners of Pop Watches sought out to fashion a fun watch which slaps-on but is also an accessory and fashion statement.

Founded in sunny Miami, FL, Pop Watches' owners have one message for all Pop Watch wearers... "Pop It!"